Rainbow Bridge

This page is dedicated to the memory of those special dogs who have left their paw prints on my heart

Gordon Country's Shadow NA.

The face that started it all. Shadow was my first aussie. She was not  a conformation dog, but she was my constant companion

Int.CH Wilmeth's Too Hot To Handle AX. AXJ.

Molly was my heart dog, my soul mate,my best friend, and the perfect dog.She was the gentlest, kindest soul you could ever ask for. She had 14 points in AKC with both her majors, but was never able to get that last point. It didn't matter to me she was always a champion in my eyes. Agility was her true love and we made a great team. In 1998 she qualified for the Agility National Championship.

Int.Ch/AKC Ch.Suncatcher's SemInole Wind OA. NAJ

Arrow was my third aussie and arrived just a few weeks before her half brother Roo. She didn't start her show career until she was in the 12-18 mo.class, but it didn't take her long to accumulate her championship points. Her first weekend in the ring she took WB/BOS for a 4 pt. major, WB/BOS for a second 4pt. major, and finished up on Sunday by going breed over 7 specials for a 5 pt.major. She didn't have the flash but she could move. She was a mellow girl who just went with the flow of things.

Int. Ch/AKC Ch. Suncatcher's Mr. Roo To You NA.

Roo finished his championship at a young age and began training in agility. Although he got his novice title, agility was too much like work for him. He preferred to lay under a shade tree and watch the girls. He had effortless movement but he didn't think so.


CH. Alotta's Dixie Chick

Pebbles was my first Bred by Exhibitor champion and an Arrow daughter. She didn't like very many people, but was lovable to those she did like.

Rowdy's first point at 6 mo.old


New Champion at 1 year
Int. Ch./AKC Ch. Suncatcher's Hi-Tech Redneck

Rowdy had 3 Best of Breed wins from the classes in his short show career. He got his name for his behavior at home not in the show ring.He hated to show, so once he finished his championship he lived the life of a pet and stud dog. He loved people and was a big marshmallow who melted in everyone's lap. He was a gentle boy who got a long with all dogs,male or female. Him and Pebbles were born 2 weeks apart and died 2 weeks apart, having spent their whole lives together.